Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congratulations, Carol!

Congratulations to Carol Blymire, the queen of cook-through blogging! Carol's new blog, Alinea At Home (the follow up to her amazing French Laundry At Home), has been featured in a very complimentary Washington Post article. This is great publicity for the cook-through blog genre, and Carol is very deserving to WaPo's praise.

Kudos to Carol as well for her efforts to raise money for Share Our Strength, an organization working to end childhood hunger. According to SOS, one in six kids in America doesn't have enough to eat. As "foodies," we have an obligation to do something, anything, for those who don't have enough to eat. As an incentive to get people to donate, Carol's teamed up with the publishers of the Alinea cookbook to enter anyone who makes a donation through Carol's Alinea At Home Share Our Strength Campaign website in a drawing to win a copy of the Alinea Cookbook.

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