Friday, February 27, 2009

Cook-Through Bloggers Unite!

When I started this project, I knew that I'd learn a thing or two about cooking and eat some good food. Little did I know that I'd make some new friends, too!

Today, I met Melissa from Cooking Gourmet live and in person, and we even cooked together! Let me explain how this all came to be.

At my office, we have regular staff lunches where the employees all get together and someone gives some sort of presentation. Maybe it's something relating to our business, or something in the community. Other times, the presenter will share something about their interests outside work. We've had presentations about dog training, trips to Europe, and even a tutorial on fantasy football. When it was my turn to make one of these lunch presentations, I decided to talk about The Project. And, since I've been looking for an excuse to meet Melissa (we both live in Massachusetts), I decided to invite her to be a part of my presentation. She took me up on my invitation (what a great sport she is!) and we had an excellent time.

We gave a little talk about cook-through blogs and shared some of our experiences working on The Project. And then, we cooked together. We made The Book's recipes for Tapenade and Green Olive Tapenade. I'll blog about these two recipes soon.

I can't thank Melissa enough for making the trip up to my office and helping me out with my presentation. It was a hit. I got a lot of positve feedback afterwords.

Last year, Melissa met Teena. Now, she's just got to head up to Canada to meet Kevin, and she'll have a hat trick!

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